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- Bayer (Siemens)
- Cardinal Health

- Covidien
- Derma Sci
- Dynarex

- Ecolabs
- Fisher Scientific 
- Globe Scientific
- Johnson & Johnson
- Kendall (Covidien)
- Leica

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general, lab, med/surg

With decades of experience we have developed a fantastic network of relationships in the medical/laboratory industry.  Below is a list of some of the manufacturers whose products and equipment we deal with on a regular basis.

Check out our online store at for reagents, test kits, sanitizers, solutions, wipes, and much more.

- Ortho (J&J)

- Pacific Diagnostic
- Quidel
- Remel (Oxoid)

- Siemens
- Steris
- Thermo
- Wampole

our network

Omega Medical Electronics Ltd. has served medical facilities world wide since 1979.  We carry a large variety of medical supplies with a specialization in clinical laboratory instrumentation and consumables.  

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36 years of service

From countertop centrifuges to large  floor model automated analyzers, Omega can not only provide the consumables but we offer installation, removal, repair, and preventative maintenance services.

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We can handle most non-pharmaceutical medical supply needs.  This includes but is not limited to:

- Clinical lab instrumentation & consumables

- Cleaners, Wipes, Soaps, Sanitizers

- Would Care

- Blood Collection- 

Omega Medical Electronics Ltd.